An Eighth!

When you are told that all you been seeing yo all life has not been real but just blurry vision. That maybe the grass might be greener or lighter than you’ve always known it. That the flying normal spirals that you’ve carried all your life are just yo visual illusion. And the cream bedsheets are […]

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I am not where I want to be but I ain’t where I used to be Pfff! That’s a cliché The vision is now optical Thanks to the never doubted vocals That I ain’t at the same level with the locals Took a simple I can,I am to me hitting your auditory in a historical […]

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I am hollow… The sun has gone dim. The moon n the stars are on a go slow The sky has turned black My heart, my heart bleeds That til death do us part was just this soon is quite hard to comprehend Like a fire in the bones ,torture is an understatement The thought […]

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Fare Thee Well

All of us are destined for the road Never hit our senses that you would go first and leave us behind With the empty seat With no more smile to light our hearts No more council to seek divine wisdom The warm hugs The loud yet funny laughter I still hear it in even with […]

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Maintenance of status quo null Holding on to the mustard hope While watching the door That you’ll be back by four The combat contentious distracted the waters Started from a simple skull ache Ended up as a graveache The water too bitter to swallow Delivered gently into guardian money’s hands As it leads somewhere, the […]

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Wrong place wrong time She was a victim The bridge was broken To appeal the judges decision? No! Dearth couldn’t allow her At Lucifer’s peak hour Bang! The door flew open A spine chilling sea lion Exposed its tar stained canines Her blood ran ice cold Her scream could awaken the dead They were too […]

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Frozen limbs can’t run Vacuumed stomach kills Smoked eyes sees not Chopped arms holds no more Traumatised brain raptures Burnt blood filled air Power of inferno dries bones Mrs Life gas is on go slow She’s taking a royal nap Deaf to her progeny Neighbour is born again A murderer with immediate effect Sparkling pangas […]